AC golf umbrella FARE®-Style

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AC golf umbrella FARE®-Style
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  • AC golf umbrella FARE®-Style - black-orange
  • AC golf umbrella FARE®-Style - black-red
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Stylish automatic golf umbrella for two people with coloured shaft and coloured elements Convenient automatic function for quick opening, high-quality windproof system for maximum frame flexibility in stormy conditions, flexible fibreglass ribs, stable steel shaft with coloured plastic tube, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified polyester pongee material made of recycled plastics, eco-friendly thanks to original waterSAVE cover material, with waterSAVE® label on the closing strap (with new deliveries), exclusive straight Soft-Touch handle with coloured handle rings and double promotional labelling option. Also available as mini umbrella (art. 5084, 5484, 5584) and as midsize umbrella (art. 4784).


Artikelnummer (71651)
Gewicht 720 g
Materiaal Cover: 100% Polyester pongee (recycled & waterSAVE®)_x000D_ Handle: Plastic_x000D_ Shaft: Steel, Plastic
Kleur black-euroblue
Kleurgroep zwart

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